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Phase II - 27 National Occupational Standards

Through HRSDC, funding was awarded to Construction Sector Council (CSC) to work with COEJATC in the development of National Occupational Standards for a select number of the 31 occupations identified in Phase I.  The steering committee comprised of representatives from the CSC, COEJATC and the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeships (CCDA) narrowed the 31 occupations. The 29 occupations were divided into 11 subgroups. then two of the standards under the crane grouping were discontinued as they are currently included in the Mobile Crane Inter-Provincial Red Seal Occupation. These were Foundation and Shoring Operator and Drag Line/Clam Operator.

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  1. Aggregate Plant Operator

  2. Articulated Haul Vehicle

  3. Asphalt Paver Operator

  4. Asphalt Plant Operator

  5. Asphalt Roller Operator

  6. Asphalt Screed Operator

  7. Boom Truck Operator

  8. Bulldozer Operator

  9. Compactor Operator

  10. Concrete Plant Operator

  11. Concrete Pump Operator

  12. Directional Drill Operator

  13. Ditcher Trencher Operator

  14. Environmental Remediation Operator

  15. Excavator Operator

  16. Grader Operator

  17. Heavy Equipment Transport Operator

  18. Loader Operator

  19. Non Articulated Haul Vehicle Operator

  20. Personnel and Material Hoist Operator

  21. Scraper Operator

  22. Sideboom Operator

  23. Tele-handler Operator

  24. Telescopic Boom Operator

  25. Tractor-Loader-Backhoe Operator

  26. Tower Crane Operator

  27. Vertical Mast Forklift Operator

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