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In Canada, there is a constant demand for well trained, well educated trades people. COEJATC is a national body of training institutions driven by the needs of those working in the Canadian construction industry. 


In addition to training, COEJATC also pursues other initiatives beneficial to the building sector. For example, we recently completed a proposal through The Contaminates Remediation Training Organization to promote the employment of Aboriginal residents of Canada in contaminated site clean-ups.


We strive to develop and promote national standards and have them recognized by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. If a student from one of our institutions receives training in one province, it is our feeling that their accomplishments should be recognized throughout the rest of the country.

Red Seal

A good illustration of national standards already in place is the Red Seal program that was established for crane operators in Canada. Thanks to this official recognition, operating a crane is now “designated as an Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Trade, for which all provinces and territories (except Nunavut and the Yukon) have jointly agreed on certification standards”

Working Standards

COEJATC (in affiliation with the Construction Sector Council), established standards for 27 pieces of equipment, and is one step closer to getting an interprovincial standard for sectors of the heavy equipment industry. Because of the wide diversity of machines employed, there is not yet a Red Seal in heavy equipment operation.



Yet another reason interprovincial standards are so important is because workers who have received quality training are better equipped to move where the work is. They can do so confidently, because they know their abilities will be recognized wherever they end up. Well-trained workers also make for safer, more efficient, construction zones, as workers are able to deal with emergency situations, and keep jobs running smoothly.



We are committed to providing leadership and a national vision for provincial training centres across Canada to promote and ensure quality and standardized training in the construction industry.

COEJATC is committed to demonstrating accountability by setting high standards for training programs for its members and employers.

While many employers have their own training and safety standards, a partnership with the organization responsible for setting those standards is important. Working in conjunction with the federal government, COEJATC aims to bring the entire body of organizations up to a new level. While one employer may only do the minimum to meet provincial standards, others may meet or exceed them. COEJATC would like to ensure that all standards are raised. We will work to foster partnerships with our members, employers, provincial and federal governments. Also we continue to cultivate relationships with Training Centers for the benefit of all of these stakeholders.

We emphasize a safety first standard for all of our members. Safe work environments have the trickle-down effect of not only benefitting co-workers, but in turn their employers, their families, the public at large and employers organizations.

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